The Copenhagen Gallery is a journal dedicated to the pursuit of less and inspiration for a more sustainable men’s wardrobe.

Over the last years I visited some of the most beautiful cities in Europe like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris or Antwerp. These places do not only offer a vibrant and unique lifestyle, they are also home to some of the world’s most trending fashion brands. The Copenhagen Gallery is a place to present these brands you might not have heard of yet. Thus, it is a curated gallery of labels worth exploring.

A Visual World

The visual world of The Copenhagen Gallery is influenced by the pieces, brands and collections it represents. The Scandinavian design DNA is just as part of the journal’s design as references to urban lifestyles from around the world.

But this journal is not only about design. The Gallery’s minimalist concept also deals with minimalism itself – namely ‘The pursuit of less’.

In a world still dominated by fast fashion and wasteful consumption, The Copenhagen Gallery focuses on brands that take contemporary issues like sustainability and responsible production seriously and encourage a more long-lasting wardrobe.

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