ASKET — Scandinavian Essentials for Men

“Our promise is to restore the value of garments by creating meaningful essentials: A permanent collection of zero-compromise pieces, their stories uncovered and told. We can’t live without clothing, but we can make the pieces we choose to invest in count.” The story and purpose of ASKET is simple: The pursuit of less. Instead of accumulating more and more fashion, we should rather focus on high-quality essentials that we wear and keep for years. In addition to the regular sizes, ASKET also gives its customers the option to choose from different lengths from short to long making the pieces an even better fit for everyone.

Therefore, the Stockholm-based brand focuses on essentials that everyone needs: from underwear and t-shirts to linen shirts and cashmere sweaters. All pieces are carefully designed and crafted as transparency plays an important role for ASKET. By the end of 2021, the brand wants to reach its goal to achieve 100% traceability meaning that every single production step, from farm to finish line, can be traced to manage full transparency of the production.

Prices: T-Shirts start at € 35 while ‘The Sweathshirt’ comes at € 80.


ASKET stylish packaging
ASKET overshirt
ASKET black t-shirt
ASKET sustainable fashion

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